Finalist Miss Teen Canada 2017

Savanna R

If you’d Elected: what you would realize
Why vote for me!

If I were elected, I would continue to offer my time for various causes, organizations and events. I would positively influence and sensitize people to take a step to make a difference in this world. I would encourage them and support them to share their constructive opinions, so that each action posed leads them to have more and more confidence in themselves.


I would do everything in order to be a role model for people not only in Canada, but around the world. I would have my responsibilities and duties at heart. I would proudly represent Canada and gladly bear the title of Miss Teen Canada, even throughout the years following my reign, because Miss one day, Miss everyday.


You should vote for me because I desire to share my values with everybody. Prove that it is easy to make a difference in somebody’s life by having recognition, compassion, giving some of your personal time, helping others to cross obstacles and gain confidence in yourself. In summary, being human for humans. Each challenge in our life brings us experience and allows us to grow stronger. Becoming Miss Teen Canada would be the most beautiful and great experience of my life.

I would support what the previous misses have done and open the path for the upcoming ones. I give myself the goal of being inspiring for young women of my age and represent my country to demonstrate that every dream can be fulfilled, no matter how difficult our past has been.

 Miss Canada

Miss Canada and Miss Teen Canada have been existing trademarks since 1946 and they are highly anticipated annually. These events advocate attitude and personality above all else. The candidates live a unforgettable and beautiful experience all in the spirit of camaraderie throughout the activities.

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