Finalist Miss Canada 2021

Brittany R

If you’d Elected: what you would realize
Why vote for me!

As Miss Canada, I will continue teaching women how to captivate their visions with confidence become the CEOs of their life by working closely with my community and showcasing the need to uplift females as a whole. I have huge goals of seeing not only the number of Female CEO’s in Canada increase metrically, but to inspire our young women to pursue whatever they are passionate about without fear, knowing they are meant to be in leadership roles. I strongly believe that now is the time for women to be seen as well as heard for their passions. With the support and reach of the Miss Canada organization I can show young women today that the world has so many opportunities just waiting for a strong and determined woman to come along and take charge!.

I would say my core values would be Resiliance, Compassion and Elegance. I continuously work hard pursuing my success not only for myself but for those I care about. I aspire to do so with grace and determination.

 Miss Canada

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