Finalists 2016

Votes are now complete: Thanks to all of you.

Finalists Miss Teen Canada 2016

Alexandra M
Alexandra MFinalist
Bojana B
Bojana BFinalist
Gabrielle M-M
Gabrielle M-MFinalist
Jewel L
Jewel LFinalist
Madeleine F
Madeleine FFinalist
Madison S
Madison SFinalist
Maeva C
Maeva CFinalist
Mariane B
Mariane BFinalist
Mathilde P
Mathilde PFinalist

Finalists Miss Canada 2016

Albane M
Albane MFinalist
Alicia C.G
Alicia C.GFinalist
Ana-Maria G
Ana-Maria GFinalist
Annie C
Annie CFinalist
Ciara T
Ciara TFinalist
Cassandra D
Cassandra DFinalist
Danika N
Danika NFinalist
Emmy-Kayrïsha D
Emmy-Kayrïsha DFinalist
Justine T
Justine TFinalist
Kelsey B
Kelsey BFinalist
Liliane U
Liliane UFinalist
Manal M
Manal MFinalist
Manuela R
Manuela RFinalist
Navneet-Kaur N
Navneet-Kaur NFinalist
Rebeka B-B
Rebeka B-BFinalist
Rosalie F
Rosalie FFinalist
Sabrina L-A
Sabrina L-AFinalist
Sabina G
Sabina GFinalist
Vanessa L
Vanessa LFinalist
Yevgeniya P
Yevgeniya PFinalist

Miss Canada

The Miss Canada and Miss Teen Canada is the most anticipated annual event. This show is full of feel and excitement. Candidates are given a book to competition or personality is a must.

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