Title Holders

Title Holders 2020

Bremiella D.-G.
 Miss Canada 2020 

Keyena K.
 Miss Teen Canada 2020 


Title Holders 2019

Christine Jamieson.
 Miss Canada 2019 

Natasha Chadley.
 Miss Teen Canada 2019 


Title Holders 2018

Maria G.
 Miss Canada 2018 

Joani L.
 Miss Teen Canada 2018 


Title Holders 2017

Ciara T.
 Miss Canada 2017 

Madison S.
 Miss Teen Canada 2017 


Title Holders 2016

Anabelle C.
 Miss Canada 2016 

Shalom R.
 Miss Teen Canada 2016 


Title Holders 2015

Dominique D.
 Miss Canada 2015 

Maude S.M.
Miss Teen Canada 2015


Title Holders 2014

Priya M.
 Miss Canada 2014 

Karyanne S.
 Miss Teen Canada 2014 


Title Holders 2013

Ines Gavran.
 Miss Canada 2013 

Celina Rivas Vasquez.
 Miss Teen Canada 2013 

Title Holders 2012

Jaclyn Miles.
 Miss Canada 2012

Alexia-Oceanne Soudin.
 Miss Teen Canada 2012

Title Holders 2011

Tara Teng.
 Miss Canada 2011 

Magalie Touchette.
 Miss Teen Canada 2011 

Title Holders 2010

Mélanie Paquin.
 Miss Canada 2010 

Danika L. Ouellet.
 Miss Teen Canada 2010 

Title Holders 2009

Lorie Racicot.
 Miss Canada 2009 

Kim Larivée.
 Miss Teen Canada 2009 

Past Title Holders

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 Miss Canada

 he Miss Canada and Miss Teen Canada is the most anticipated annual event. This show is full of feel and excitement. Candidates are given a book to competition or personality is a must.

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