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Judging criteria

Who can participate ?

This contest is for  the candidates between 14 and 33 years old from all the provinces of Canada.

– Presentation (Public Presentation) – (8.5 %)
– Ease on stage – (8.5 %)
– Posture and walk – (8.5 %)
– Personality (Charism) – (8.5 %)
– Bonus (1 %)
 3. Vote (15%)
Judges are professionals in the fashion, entertainment, celebrity and / or business industry. In addition, these could influence your career choice. If you have any questions, please email us at info@misscanada.org. We are here to help you as much as we can and we want to make Miss Canada and Miss Teen Canada the best experience of your life!

Our Principles

1. I must have pageant experience to compete in a Miss CANADA or Miss Teen CANADA pageant.

On the contrary! Quite often our competitors are the “girls next door” with little or no pageant experience.  Almost on an annual basis we have girls winning that have never competed with us before.

2. I must be “tall” to win a pageant.

Absolutely not!  Each contestant in our pageant is an individual and the judges are looking for body proportion and personality, not a specific body measurement.

3. I am too old or too young to enter the pageant.

Never at any time are the judges directed to consider age when choosing a state winner. Age is only a factor in determining which division you will compete.

4. I have heard that the Miss Canada pageant is a more sexy pageant.

The Miss CANADA pageants are considered more “glamorous” than other pageants; but we advocate “elegance” and “grace.”.

5. I must wear the most beautiful, expensive gown in order to win.

Our judges are instructed to score the contestant’s poise and sense of style, not the gown itself. The secret is to feel beautiful with whatever gown choice you make.

6. I need a “pageant coach” to help me prepare.

Even though some contestants wish to seek expert advice, we do not see this reflected in the overall outcome of the pageant. Focus on being your “personal best!”

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Our History


Miss Canada

Miss Canada was the first competition of its kind in force across Canada. The election of Miss Canada began as a competition swimsuit for the centenary celebrations of Hamilton, Ont. in 1946. Forty women competed for the annual title awarded for beauty. Since 2006, there is no more parade in swimsuits, because the event advocates Personality and Attitude.




Miss Canada 1982

Karen Baldwin (1982) Ontario was the only Canadian to win the Miss World contest. Dominique Dufour (1981) has become very popular in Quebec.







Miss Canada

Today the winners of Miss Canada and Miss Teen Canada have the opportunity to become an ambassador for a cause that is dear to their heart. Cause they believe it is time that the people around her are aware of the situation.


Dominique Doucette, Miss Canada 2015

Dominique Doucette, Miss Canada 2015 won the title inPanama of the prestigious contest: Miss Teenager Univers.

 Miss Canada

 he Miss Canada and Miss Teen Canada is the most anticipated annual event. This show is full of feel and excitement. Candidates are given a book to competition or personality is a must.

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