Finalist Miss Canada 2021

Christelle Y-M

If you’d Elected: what you would realize
Why vote for me!

It would be an honor for me to represent this beautiful country that I love , Canada, to defend great values and to be able to support important causes that are close to my heart.

Such as empowerment, precisely of abused women. During my career as a volunteer in women’s centers, I can affirm that being abused (rape, domestic violence, assault, excision, …) is a serious attack on personal dignity and this can have serious repercussions on the functioning and the whole life of the person having lived it. This is why in my business project (launching my brand of ecological clothing), I plan to work only with these women in order to help them materialize their pain and above all to make them independent. Thus, each of my future collections will have a story to tell and will be a trophy for all these women who will have rebuilt themselves.

Another cause would be, that of orphans and sick children, finding funds to make them smile will be a precious gift to offer them and I vouch for them to be militant.

 Miss Canada

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