Miss Teen Canada 2020

Keyena K

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If you’d Elected: what you would realize
Why vote for me!

As a prize winner, I want to educate children and teenagers about healthy eating choices and habits. My objective is to create a positive mind space when discussing food. Eventually, I would love to work with elementary and secondary school cafeteria programs to source local, ethical, and sustainable food into education systems across Canada.

My family has always said, when I set my mind to something, they know nothing can stop me. If you vote for me, you can trust that I will put my heart and soul into whatever it is that I want to accomplish for our country.

Senior Citizens Dinner

Last year, I volunteered at a senior citizens care home. I helped prepare for their Annual Family Dinner. I decorated and set the room for the entire event and welcomed each senior and their visiting families with a smile. I helped serve dinner and dessert, keeping in mind dietary restrictions. But my favorite part was singing and dancing to Christmas carols with the seniors and their families after the dinner. Spending time with senior citizens, showed me the wisdom and experience that elderly people contribute to our society.

 Miss Canada

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