Past Title Holders

Past Title Holders Miss Canada

 Jaclyn Miles
Miss Canada 2012

 Tara Teng
Miss Canada 2011

 Mélanie Paquin
Miss Canada 2010

 Lorie Racicot
Miss Canada 2009

 Nicole Dudson
Miss Canada 1992

 Leslie Mclaren
Miss Canada 1991

 Robin Lee Ouzunoff
Miss Canada 1990

 Juliette Powell
Miss Canada 1989

 Melinda Gilies
Miss Canada 1988

 Tina May Simpson
Miss Canada 1987

 Rene Newhouse
Miss Canada 1986

 Karen Elizabeth Tilley
Miss Canada 1985

 Cynthia Kereluk
Miss Canada 1984

 Jodi Yvonne Rutledge
Miss Canada 1983

 Karen Dianne Baldwin
Miss Canada 1982

 Dominique Dufour
Miss Canada 1981

 Terry Mackay
Miss Canada 1980

 Heidi Quiring
Miss Canada 1979

 Catherine Swing
Miss Canada 1978

 Yvonne Foster
Miss Canada 1977

 Sylvia McGuire
Miss Canada 1976

 Terry Lynne Meyer
Miss Canada 1975

 Blair Lancaster
Miss Canada 1974

 Gillian Regehr
Miss Canada 1973

 Donna May Sawicky
Miss Canada 1972

 Caroline Amelia Commisso
Miss Canada 1971

 Julie Maloney
Miss Canada 1970

 Marie-france Beaulieu
Miss Canada 1969

 Carol McKinnon
Miss Canada 1968

 Barbara Kelly
Miss Canada 1967

 Diane Landry
Miss Canada 1966

 Linda Douma
Miss Canada 1965

 Carol Ann Balmer
Miss Canada 1964

 Nina Holden
Miss Canada 1962

 Iris Thurlwell
Miss Canada 1961

 Rosemary Catherine Keenan
Miss Canada 1960

 Danica d’hondt
Miss Canada 1959

 Joan May Fitzpatrick
Miss Canada 1958

 Dorothy Moreau
Miss Canada 1956

 Daylce Smith
Miss Canada 1955

 Barbara Joan Markham
Miss Canada 1954

 Kathleen Archibald
Miss Canada 1953

 Marilyn Reddick
Miss Canada 1952

 Marjorie Kelly
Miss Canada 1951

 Margaret Bradford
Miss Canada 1950

 Margaret Lynn Munn
Miss Canada 1949

 Jean Ferguson
Miss Canada 1948

 Margaret Mashall
Miss Canada 1947

 Marion Saver
Miss Canada 1946

Past Title Holders Miss Teen Canada

 Celina Rivas Vasquez
Miss Teen Canada 2013

 Alexia-Océanne Soudain
Miss Teen Canada 2012

Magalie Touchette
Miss Teen Canada 2011

 Danika Lalonde Ouellet
Miss Teen Canada 2010

 Kim Larivée
Miss Teen Canada 2009

 Tonya Goss
Miss Teen Canada 1990

 Monique Kavalars
Miss Teen Canada 1989

 Dara Sutton
Miss Teen Canada 1988

 Heather Morton
Miss Teen Canada 1987

 Lisa Sawka
Miss Teen Canada 1986

 Terry Lynn Smith
Miss Teen Canada 1985

 Karen Alynne MacBean
Miss Teen Canada 1984

 Lori Assheton-Smith
Miss Teen Canada 1983

 Emily Sertic
Miss Teen Canada 1982

 Pas de nom
Miss Teen Canada 1981

Clara Jean Howard
Miss Teen Canada 1980

 Jody-Lynn Trammeli
Miss Teen Canada 1979

 Julie Simoneau
Miss Teen Canada 1978

 Nancy-Jane Newburn
Miss Teen Canada 1977

 Schelly Lynn Homick
Miss Teen Canada 1976

 Katherine Eckel
Miss Teen Canada 1975

 Diana Lynn MacDonald
Miss Teen Canada 1974

 Heather Forton
Miss Teen Canada 1973

 Lori Elaine Rowe
Miss Teen Canada 1972

 Jewel Mc Avany
Miss Teen Canada 1969

 Jana Jorgenson
Miss Teen Canada 1970

 Jean Anne Blair
Miss Teen Canada 1971

 Miss Canada

 he Miss Canada and Miss Teen Canada is the most anticipated annual event. This show is full of feel and excitement. Candidates are given a book to competition or personality is a must.

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