Finalist Miss Teen Canada 2021

Rose L.

If you’d Elected: what you would realize
Why vote for me!

“My initial and main reason for entering pageants was to spread a message of body positivity and becoming BFFs with yourself. After all, you are the person you spend the most time talking to in your life, so why be mean to her? I am a natural born leader and have no issue taking the charge on raising awareness about important issues. Being in high school I see insecurity all around me and it makes me deeply sorrowful. Every day media, marketing and outdated social constructs are telling us that we aren’t good enough; essentially planting insecurity into people. And for what? If we can educate our children from the beginning of their lives that not only do we all deserve respect and equal treatment, that there is also nothing about them that needs to be changed to fit society’s projections. I have a deep belief in body positivity as well as equal treatment and education for all Canadians regardless of race, sexuality, age, wealth, relationship status, gender identity, and any other factor. A Canadian is a Canadian, and not only that, we are all just one human race trying to figure it out. When I won Miss Teen Greater Vancouver I was beyond overjoyed. Not only would I be provided with more opportunities to be more active in my community, I got to spread my message with those in my city. With the Miss Teen Canada crown I would be able to grow my platform and spread my message through not only Vancouver but the whole country. Whether I win or not, I vow to continue doing my part to make Canada a better place one smile, hug, pep talk, kind/encouraging word, good deed, and act of community service at a time. Don’t let anyone tell you what beauty and strength looks like, all you have to do is look in a mirror and you can find it yourself.”

 Miss Canada

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