Finalist Miss Canada 2021

Roya S

If you’d Elected: what you would realize
Why vote for me!

I believe that women have the power to change the world, and as an ambitious, confident and hard-working individual, I want to use my experience to encourage others to see their full potential by celebrating who they are and embracing their differences. I am looking forward to bringing my strength, determination and desire to empower others to the Miss Canada family as well as my cosmopolitan mindset and platform of inclusivity.

If I crowned Miss Canada, I will be sponsoring and raising funds for “Operation Enfant Soleil” and “Canadian mental health association” charities and “support unemployed women” non-profit organizations. I appreciate your support and would love to connect with those who may be able to contribute to my journey.”

Yours, Roya.

 Miss Canada

Miss Canada and Miss Teen Canada have been existing trademarks since 1946 and they are highly anticipated annually. These events advocate attitude and personality above all else. The candidates live a unforgettable and beautiful experience all in the spirit of camaraderie throughout the activities.

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